5 Tips to Get Your Patio Summer Ready

School is out in less than a month! Now that Summer is around the corner, if you haven't gotten your patio ready yet - now is the time! Here are 5 quick tips to get your patio looking great and ready for some Summer fun.


Nothing helps to make an outdoor space feel more like an extension of your home better than a few pieces of carefully chosen decor. This is an easy way to set the tone for your space, and an opportunity for you to inject your personal style! Add outdoor wall decor to a nearby fence, or place a selection of antique items in flower gardens throughout the yard. The possibilities here are really endless, and can be built on or changed-up from year to year.


A must if you plan to spend any time outdoors in the evening! Lanterns with solar candles are an easy way to add some ambiance to your dreamy space in a safe and effortless way. Get creative and add groupings of varying styles and sizes. Or, invest in a large statement piece to sit on your patio near some planters. String lights are another easy way to add charm, and now come in a wide variety of styles. Lighting is key in taking your outdoor space to the next level during the evening.


Pillows are an easy way to add style, color and comfort. If your outdoor furniture is looking drab, replacing or adding pillows is the quickest way to bring your space back to life. There are so many great outdoor options, in a variety of colors, patterns and styles. Just a few pillows will have a huge impact on the overall charm and warmth of your space.


Of course you need to have something living in your outdoor living space! It doesn't matter if you don't have the time, or a green thumb to maintain a garden. Planters are all you need. Even just one for the weary. Purchase a blooming hanging basket with your choice of color(s) and replant it in a stylish planter. Instant beauty and life to your oasis.


And, finally, incorporating a serving station will elevate your patio experience - whether it is for a group of friends or just yourself! It can be as simple as having a fancy tray, or adding an outdoor bar cart to hold a pitcher of your favourite summer beverage! This will have you feeling less like a host and more like a guest in your outdoor oasis.

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